For Consultants

For Consultants

Want to join the family?

Working as a consultant at First Engineers is different. Not only because we have a great circle of friends, but because you become a unique member of the family. Consultants are treated like employees and we want you to develop with us. Often you are working at our client´s locations. To make sure that you feel a part of the First Engineers family we have established communication channels to keep you up to speed on the latest news, buzz and social activities. We want you to take part in our social gatherings, and our quarterly parties. A part from joining our family we want you to work with leading organizations. We have opportunities internationally and domestically.

Read about our circle of friends, and get inspired

We are proud of our circle of friends. We are working with leading organizations that are setting historical foot prints. We have a diversified circle of friends. Some are planning to do drilling operations on mars, or revolutionizing the digital community. Others are setting new standards for the way we travel, live, communicate and work. All our friends are remarkable in their own ways. Challenging the status quo and paving way for the future.