Our Focus


We deliver our services to the tech-industry. It is a broad term covering development, product management, data analytics, mobile, design and commercial roles. We have in-depth knowledge within the tech sector, ranging from .NET, C++, Database, Frontend, Java, and the list goes on. Our team has experience from recruitment of executive roles to engineering roles. We recruit for small start-up´s to global organizations.


We deliver our services to the construction industry, both building construction and infrastructure. We have in-depth knowledge about the construction sector ranging from eningeers, administrative personnel, construction and project management. We assist mid-sized companies to industry leading organizations.


Energy at First Engineers is oil & gas, hydro power, solar energy, wind and power. We are specialists in energy, supporting global and industry leading organizations both internationally and domestically. We offer engineers, specialists, management, executives and administrative personnel within the Energy markets.


We dare to say that we are working with the most exciting start-up´s in Europe today. We have defined Start-up as a sector at First Engineers. We do not only offer our traditional services to this community, we play an advisory role. Yes, we do track the best talent, educate and share our methodology. We also support our clients with leadership team assessment.

Applying our recruitment methodology, we are ensuring that start-ups are growing their organization through acquiring the best talent in the market. We play an advisory role with an open-source mentality. We are not only providing talent but the tools to enable the start-up community to really excel. Within this industry we offer recruitment of engineers, management, executives and administrative personnel.