First Engineers offer recruitment services within our industries. We have certified recruiters and an exceptional research team supporting our clients. We provide our recruitment services at the following levels: engineers, sr.engineers, technical experts, management and executives.

Our clients have different needs. Some want us to drive the recruitment project from start to finish, while others want us to support them in the final and most critical phase of the recruitment project.

We offer both full recruitment services and final assessment to our clients.


We have invested highly in certification programs and training to ensure that our employees
are able to deliver state of the art advisory to our clients. We have put our focus on research when building our own methodology. We are not colored by benchmark and the conventional way´s of the recruitment business. A clear focus for us is to monitor, identify and implement methodologies and technology that will effectively drive quality in our delivery. Through creating our own metrics, we believe that we are able to reduce bias and enable decision-makers to base decisions on facts. Our focus is to enable our stakeholders to understand the science behind recruitment. Understanding that a miss hire is not necessarily only the one that did not find it´s place, but it is also the difference between mediocre and extraordinary results.